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About CCP:

CCP is a private equity firm based in Austin and Chicago, primarily focused on lower-middle-market, change-of-control transactions, typically with enterprise values of $20 to $150 million.

CCP brings additional executive talent to all deals, whether, as in most cases, from CCP’s operating network, or in others, via recruitment. These resources serve on the Board of Directors and/or assume operating roles.

Over the last decade, CCP has developed an investing approach that is simple and straight-forward: we find great businesses eager to ascend, and provide operating expertise, capital and strategy support to help them do so.

CCP is differentiated in four key ways:

  • We invest substantial personal capital in each deal, including every member of the Crescendo team.
  • We are laser-focus on the legacy culture, as the preservation of this culture is critical to the success of our investment.
  • We approach each investment, company and executive with a collaborative spirit, with genuine humility.
  • We have particular expertise in construction, renovation and service/maintenance work, including commercial, residential and industrial end markets.