Over the last decade, Crescendo has developed an investing approach that is simple and straightforward: we find great businesses eager to ascend, and provide operating expertise, capital and strategy support.

Core Values

We are devoted partners; we treat our companies’ owners, managers and employees with respect.

Integrity We maintain the highest integrity and ethical standards; we select deal partners who share our approach.

Experience We bring additional executive talent to all deals, whether, as in most cases, from Crescendo’s operating network, or, in others, via recruitment. These resources serve on the Board of Directors and/or assume an operating role.

Transparency We are open and responsive to sellers, intermediaries, lenders/co-investors and portfolio company management. We are the same people before and after a deal closes.

Why Partner With Us?
  • Fit

    We specialize in scaling profitable mid-size firms with proven market demand. Most scaling skills are generalizable across industries.

  • Persistence

    We demonstrate our persistence throughout the investment cycle. If we like a business, you’ll know it.

  • Closed-Loop Deal Team

    We work exclusively with each of our service providers (accounting/tax, legal, background, insurance, environmental, etc.)

  • Resources

    Our professional investment team brings a combined ~50 years of investing experience.

    Meet Our Team

  • Collaboration

    We invite you to speak with our CEOs. They will say:

    • We do what we say we will do
    • We have been instrumental in the growth of our portfolio companies
    • We are collaborative and user-friendly, before and after close

    See Our Companies

  • Value-Add

    In our experience, company-building investments in human capital, sales and marketing, technology, infrastructure, new products, and supply chain help unlock value in fast-growing, founder-owned businesses. We typically drive additional scale, plus end-market and geographic diversification, through an overt, hands-on M&A strategy. We believe the prioritization and execution of these important investments helps stimulate growth and build value.

Investment Criteria

Crescendo is primarily focused on middle market, change-of-control transactions, typically with enterprise values from $20M to $150M. We are industry agnostic, but we have significant experience in the following verticals:


  • Healthcare services
  • Construction and other project-related businesses
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Food & beverage
  • Business services
  • Retail/distribution
  • Building services & products


Primarily U.S., but will consider Canada


  • Buyouts
  • Divestitures
  • Recapitalizations

Target Revenue



History of consistent growth and profitability

Partner With Us

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