October 20, 2023

Crescendo is Pleased to Announce its Designation From Inc. as a “2023 Founder Friendly Investor,” an Award Given to a Select Few Private Equity Firms

Over the last ~8 years, Crescendo has invested in 14 platforms, typically making multiple follow-on investments, for a total of ~35 acquisitions. Of these, ~30 were founder-owned.

Crescendo’s approach is geared to appeal to founder-owner-operators (FOO’s). From a light-but-helpful operating touch, to full appreciation of the blood, sweat and tears applied over decades to build a business from scratch, the Crescendo approach always recognizes and salutes the founder’s achievements, develops a highly collaborative approach to future growth, and combines the domain expertise of founders with Crescendo’s scaling skills and M&A acumen.

Founding Partner C.L. Turner, III said, “We’re particularly pleased to receive this designation because it originated from our founder-partners, most of whom were extensively interviewed about their partnerships with Crescendo.” Partner Mike MacRitchie added, “We’ve developed a culture and approach that resonates with founders and we will continue to augment and refine Crescendo’s founder-centric investment style.”

Crescendo, primarily based in Austin and Chicago, has 7 investment professionals and 4 operating partners. Crescendo focuses exclusively on old-economy businesses and has a particularly strong niche in the construction, renovation/restoration and MSR segments, especially in thriving Southwestern and Sunbelt markets.